Genstar COVID Spectra Clean

3 Hour
Emergency Lighting Built-in


Genstar Emergency Lighting Solutions (GELS) is the exclusive licencee for Southern Africa of SpectraClean, an antimicrobial lighting system licenced from Hubbell Lighting, USA.

SpectraClean technology cleans every area of a room, at different rates based on the distance from the light source and the duration of time taken to disinfect the area.

Laboratory experiments and case studies show >90% microbe reduction in treated environments in one day. In actively used facilities SpectraClean continuously reduces microbes at all times and significantly reduces the frequency of manual chemical cleaning. 

SpectraClean delivers continuous antimicrobial disinfection in these modes:


delivers continuous antimicrobial disinfection in three modes

SpectraClean + White Light

when a room or lift is occupied and you need to provide general lighting

+ White Light + Emergency

when a room or lift is occupied and you need to provide unobtrusive disinfecting light, continuous SpectraClean 100% when unoccupied and the added safety of 3 Hour Emergency backup if the power fails

SpectraClean 100%

full disinfection mode when the room or lift is unoccupied or continuous overnight cleaning

GELS is committed to providing solutions and product that enhance the well being of our customers by looking after their health through the use of SpectraClean and their safety with integrated locally produced Emergency Lighting functionality.




Dual purpose disinfection-emergency lift car luminaire designed and produced in RSA. The luminaire incorporates a custom-made electronic control board that utilises a mixture of patented 405nm anti-microbial LED chips together with best quality Nichia 4000K white LED chips to provide continuous, unobtrusive disinfecting light.

Antimicrobial disinfection through illumination is proven effective on pathogens suspended in air or attached to a variety of surfaces, materials and objects.

SpectraClean is concentrated outside the UV spectrum and will not have the same damaging effects UV systems have on biological beings and inanimate materials. Genstar Emergency Lighting Solutions is the sole distributor of the Hubbell Lighting SpectraClean range of product and solutions for South Africa.

The luminaire is supplied standard with a locally designed self-testing 3 hour Lithium-Ion emergency battery pack and inverter. Per SANS10114-2: Emergency Lighting, it is mandatory to install at minimum a 3 hour emergency luminaire in each lift car.

Lift-Car Disinfectant Specifications

Hubbell Lighting SpectraClean LED engine

Wattage-output designed according to lift car dimensions

3 Modes

3.5 watt | 3 Hour Lithium Ion battery pack and inverter (optional)

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