Smart Emergencies

Our New Generation of emergency products are the smartest to date and the perfect choice when upgrading your existing emergency installation. Genstar Emergency Lighting perfectly integrated with zencontrol, provider of smart technology and control systems, self-proclaimed DALI experts.

Testing has never been easier

Migrate your emergency testing to Genstar Emergency Lighting, the only emergency range out there that is fully adapted to integrate with zencontrol’s wireless smart services. Our Wi-Fi enabled range of emergency lighting is the smartest choice when upgrading your existing emergency installation. The new generation Wi-Fi enabled emergency lighting from Genstar Emergency Lighting changes the way we think about emergency testing and monitoring.

Built using standard wireless technology and protocols our devices can be connected directly to your android phone / tablet or connected directly to your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. By using Wi-Fi, we remove the need for additional wiring and the cost associated with it.

Smart Charge

Smart charge, maximizing charging efficiency

The New Generation implements smart charging specifically designed for LiFePO4 batteries. It uses an optimal charge algorithm designed to maximise the charging efficiency whilst ensuring the battery is charged in a minimal time. The smart charge system continually monitors the battery to ensure it is always performing at its peak and ready for the next emergency. Smart battery charging brings emergency lighting out of the dark, it helps to provide the most optimal battery life and the best value for money.

Take the Next Step in DALI with Genstar

DALi compatible 

Full compliance with DALI standards ensures that our products function as expected to ensure a consistent experience through the systems life cycle. With DALI-2 lighting control has been simplified further. Now the switching and sensor devices which were normally locked to a proprietary control system, or contained within another protocol have been moved onto the DALI line. This increases freedom, availability and choice for the installers and customers as now they can choose from a large number of compatible products.

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